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About the Author

I grew up in NE Philadelphia until I was 12 years old.  My family then moved to Warminster, PA a few houses down the street from my grandparents.  At 18, I moved out on my own, living with different friends and family members until I settled into my own apartment at 25.  By 26, I met my husband, Steven Donahue. Four years later, we were married at the Wayside Chapel in Horsham, PA on June 26, 2004.  We live in a quiet, quaint neighborhood in Dublin, PA with our 2 dogs, cat and turtle.

I attended Arcadia University for a brief time studying Education without attaining a degree.  I have worked in retail, office settings, and most prominently in Child Care.  I currently work at The Learning Experience in Warminster, PA and I absolutely LOVE it.  After giving birth to Ryan, it saved me.

I love young children, so Child Care is a perfect career for me.  I also love to take pictures.  I sometimes feel like I am always looking at life like it's a picture and sometimes I can capture it and other times, it's just nice to see.  I dabble in a ton of crafty things such as: cross-stitching, crotcheting, drawing, web design, DIY crafts, etc.  I am a huge Facebook addict, but if you ask me this in person, I will totally deny it!  I LOVE Pinterest!  I can easily get sucked into anything on my computer.  I hate football season because my husband is a DIE HARD football fan.  I enjoy hockey (GO FLYERS!), and baseball is okay (GO PHILLIES!).  I love my family more than anything in the world (my pets are included as my family) and I have the greatest friends in the world!  Because of Ryan, I am now a huge advocate for the March of Dimes!

Please think about donating to our March of Dimes team: MY TINY MIRACLE!  April, 2013, was our first year walking to raise awareness for the March of Dimes.  We had 37 walkers on our team and together, we raised a total of $2,314.00 so far for this year!


I am looking for my next great adventure in this life.  I want the world to know that my son was here, and he was loved.  I would love to create my Bucket List and start crossing things off.  I want to spend each day with my husband and best friend, Steven Donahue, growing old together.  The rest is just gravy...


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